If you have been invited to the platform, but haven't yet logged in, switch to this article: Can't find email invite? Here's how to activate your account.

1. Visit https://app.simply.coach/users/sign_in

2. Click on "Forgot your password?"

3. Put in your email and click on the "Send me reset password instructions"

Don't remember the email id you used to login into Simply.Coach? Reach out to your coach or the administrator of your business account for help.

An email will now be sent to you with details on how to update your password.

4. Log into your email account, open the email from Simply.Coach, and click on "Change my password"

A new window will open in your browser.

If you don't see the email even after waiting a few minutes, do try again or reach out to us.

5. Set your new password!

Then click "Change my password".

You're now logged into your account. Welcome back!

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