Simply.Coach's Journey Builder enables you to map any coaching methodology onto a reusable program template!

Journeys help you ensure consistency, quality and professionalism, to coach at scale!

A Journey consists of multiple stages, and each stage may contain:

  • a series of any number of planned sessions,

  • planned actions for either the coach or client,

  • scheduled release of learning resources and content through an engagement's Shared Space,

  • scheduled surveys and assessments through Simply.Coach's Digital Tools,

  • behavioural nudges!

Here's a short illustration of what is possible:

  • Sessions: Let's say it's an 8 session coaching Journey

    • a 45-min discovery call to start things off

    • every 2 weeks after that, 1 hour coaching sessions - 3 of these

    • 2 months after the engagement began, a 30-min mid-way progress review session

    • then a sprint of 2 coaching sessions of 45 mins each, 1 week apart

    • a final 90-min debrief session

  • Actions:

    • Updating the IDP - 1 month into the journey

    • Capturing the goals on the platform

    • For the coach: Preparing the 360 feedback report

  • Content:

    • Sharing the relevant files for each stage of the journey

  • Digital Tools:

    • A 360 feedback with all the stakeholders at the start and end of the journey

    • A coaching feedback form after every session

    • A monthly progress checkin

  • Nudges:

    • A reminder for every upcoming session

    • A monthly reflection template

As you can see, Journeys is a flexible and robust feature that should support, automate and enhance most pieces of your coaching programs.

Here's an example of the first 2 stages of a life coaching Journey built out on Simply.Coach:

With the fully customizable Journey Builder, you can build your program once and apply it across all your clients who have purchased that program.

Importantly, while a journey provides a pre-set structure and rhythm to an engagement, it does not strait-jacket nor restrict it.

You can always add goals, schedule extra sessions and nudges, share relevant content, and everything else that's possible with a standard engagement to meet the unique needs and variations of every coaching journey.

Delve in: Watch these videos on how to build and deploy journeys:

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