No. Your digital tools are always private to you as a coach and not accessible to your coachees. However, in certain cases like self-reflections and 360 feedback, you would want to make the results / responses accessible to your coachee to help them develop self-awareness and accountability!

The steps to make digital tool responses visible to a coachee are:

Go to your Engagement with your coachee > Click on "Tools" in the header under your coachee's name. You will see all the digital tools that have been set up for this coachee.

Find the digital tool, and click on the three dots at the end of the row, then click on "Edit".

The details page of the digital tool will open.

Scroll down and you'll see the name of the client.

Below that, you'll find the toggle button to "Give Client access to results". Toggle it to "Yes".

If you want the responses to be anonymized before being shared with your client, you can "Make this tool Anonymous". When seeing the results, the coachee will only the see the relation they have with the respondents instead of their names.

For more details on making a tool anonymous, click here.

Remember to "Save".

Your client now has access to the responses to this digital tool through their own Workspace.

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