Available for plans: Starter, Growth, Leap, Co-create, Surge

For the Co-create & Surge plans, accessible to roles: Owner, Master Coach, Program Manager, Coach

Make sure you've already created an engagement with your client (or cohort). Haven't added an engagement yet? Create your coaching engagement.


1. Select the engagement - individual or cohort

Click on the "Individuals" or "Cohorts" tab from the main menu on the left of your screen. Then select the particular engagement.

2. Navigate to the sessions listing page

Click on "Sessions" in the header under the client's name.

3. Log a Past Session

Click on the "Schedule a session" button

4. Log details of the session

Fill in all details of the past session - the crucial part: mark "Status" as "completed".

Pro tip: If you're logging multiple past sessions for a coachee, add the oldest ones first. This is because the system auto-numbers sessions based on the order in which they are added.

A. Type

Select the type of session this is, as it will help when analyzing and reporting on your session cadence.

If you have chosen any type other than "Coaching Session", also set the Summary of the session - think of it as the subject or the title.

B. Set Status to "completed"

C. Set the date and time in the "From" & "To" fields

Please note that you can select past dates.

  • Click on the entry box

  • Select the date

  • Click on the orange clock below the calendar

  • Use the up/down arrows to set the timing

  • Select AM/PM

Note: Do make sure that have set your timezone in your account settings.

D. Un-select all three boxes

These boxes help with automatically blocking your calendar, inviting your client and generating a Zoom meeting link. As you do not require any of these when simply logging your past sessions, go ahead an un-select all three boxes.

E. Save

Your past session is now logged!

That's it!

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