The following analogy might be helpful to understand the concept of a Coaching Seat

  • Think of it as a "seat at a table"

  • Think of the table as the Simply.Coach platform

  • A Coaching Seat is a "floating license" that allows multiple users to share a single seat but only one user can occupy one seat at a given time

A coach or master coach who has been invited to the platform by a coaching business owner must be assigned a coaching seat to be able to manage their coaching engagements.

The coaching seat is a floating license, meaning that it can be transferred from a coach who has no active engagements and assigned to another coach who is going to start a new engagement.

You can buy additional seats and remove any excess coaching seats as and when required, meaning that you effectively pay only for your active coaches.

The concept of a coaching seat is only relevant for those on the Co-create and Surge plans, and not for individual coaches.

Watch this video about coaching seats and other aspects of a business account:

Delve in: Manage Coach Seats in a Business Account | Set up a Business Account

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