The Coach Finder enables the Account Owner of the Coaching Business to easily search the database of one's coaches and associates, enabling you to match clients' requirements with the right coaches.

First make sure that all the coaches you have invited have set up their Showcase, so that all the Showcases can be listed on the Coach Finder. You can then filter them on various parameters to select the best coach for your client's needs. Some of these parameters are:

  • Languages

  • Services

  • Coaching experience - coaching hours, etc.

  • Industry, Seniority, Functions of past coachees

All these parameters, along with an image, title, bio, credentials, professional experience, and all the other elements of a comprehensive profile are set up by the coach through their Showcase page.

Send this explainer to your coaches to help them: Set up your Showcase.

Here's a video tour of your Coach Finder:

Pro tip (if this fits in with the way you on-board clients): After shortlisting suitable coaches, share their Showcase URLs with your client and encourage them to book a Discovery or Chemistry session right through the coaches' Showcase pages. The client can then easily decide on the right fit for them and begin the coaching journey.

To enable this smooth client on-boarding, ensure your coaches have each set up their Offerings.

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