Shared Space is your central collaboration space for a particular engagement.

It allows you to work seamlessly with your client by sharing

  • One-time resources (like assessment results)

  • Existing content that is already in your Content Repository or in your Resources for this particular engagement.

  • Or even a note, which is a plain message - a thought or quote, an observation. You can even share links to articles, videos!

Have a worksheet OR an article that you discussed in your session? You can associate the resources with a specific session so that your client can refer it later.

What's great is if your client also has their own Simply.Coach Workspace, they can also collaborate & share things with you. If they are not invited, they will still receive an email with a link to download the shared resource.

Simply.Coach can truly become your central coaching communication tool!

Watch this video tour to get familiar with Shared Space:

Delve in: Share Resources with your Clients

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