An engagement is a coaching journey that you and your client have together.

You can have either an individual engagement or a cohort engagement:

  • An individual engagement is a 1:1 journey between client and coach

  • A cohort engagement is when many clients are coached together by the coach

With every engagement, you get a dedicated space to:

  • Add Goals and measure progress made on them;

  • Schedule Sessions;

  • Capture your private reflections in your Private Journal;

  • Capture Actions that your client or you commit to;

  • Configure behavioral Nudges to drive awareness and support clients in-between sessions!

  • Add Stakeholders to your client's engagement to gather stakeholder inputs & feedback through Digital Tools;

  • Create and share Digital Tools with clients or their stakeholders for knowledge gathering or as reflection templates;

  • Share Resources with your client;

  • Exchange thoughts with your client through a Shared Space.

Here's a video tour of all that's possible with an engagement on Simply.Coach:

Delve in: Get Started on Your Individual Engagements

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