Good question. Since it is already integrated into Simply.Coach, once a client or prospect books a session with you, Simply.Coach automatically:

  • Captures their details as a contact

  • Adds the session to your upcoming sessions list

  • Clocks off your calendar

  • Sends them the video conferencing details

  • Tracks their conversion from lead to client.

On the other hand, the difficulty with websites is that every time someone fills in your standard "Contact Us" form, you'll only get sent an email that you will need to follow up on, go back-and-forth on scheduling your session, then block your calendar and share your meeting ID. Worse, these emails fall through the cracks, you get caught up and miss following up on them, whereas Showcase is directly integrated with our inbuilt sales CRM, so that all your prospects are automatically captured & tracked.

If you require any help, you could refer to: Set up your Showcase

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