Your Showcase is a public webpage profile that allows prospects and clients to automatically book sessions with you.

Showcase helps you build your web presence, in under 10mins, that you can share with your clients & prospects. It also enables them to book sessions based on your availability - without spending any time on figuring out logistics! Simply.Coach captures prospective information automatically & logs them as Prospects in your Sales CRM so that you can be on top of your new business followups!

Simply put, Showcase is your free coach profile that allows prospective customers to:

  • Learn more about you

  • Get in touch with you

  • Book session offerings based on your availability!

All you need to do is put in your personal and professional details, and set your availability. And just like that, in under 10 minutes, you would have set up a live presence on the web to help bring in more clients!

Check out a couple of Showcases here & here.

Or take this video tour:

Delve in: Set up your Showcase now!

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