Participants are aligned and headed towards a common goal or outcome

Participants have a common interest but apply it to their individual goals

Can add shared goals and individual goals

Can add individual goals only

Can schedule cohort sessions only

Can schedule cohort sessions and 1:1 sessions

Can assign only 1 coach for the entire team

Can assign 1 coach for the group and different personal coaches for each participant

Other than these nuances, both types of cohorts facilitate coaching multiple coachees at the same time with intuitive ease.

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Team cohort

In Teams, we have participants who are all aligned and headed towards a common goal or outcome, such as the completion of a particular project or assignment.

On Simply.Coach, only Team cohorts come with the ability to add & track the team's progress on Shared Goals - which are goals that everyone works towards. Individual goals can also be added for each participant. Further, the coach can utilize all the features at an individual level to provide personalized assistance to a particular participant - except sessions.

A Team has only a single coach managing all the participants of the cohort. You cannot assign a different coach to aid and oversee the progress of a particular participant, nor have 1:1 sessions with a particular team member (both of which you can do in a Group cohort - and if you have invited other coaches to collaborate with you on the Co-create plan).

Group cohort

In Groups, we have participants who come together with a common interest but do not always have the same goal in mind. For example, a group of people may come together to be coached on effective communication, but each individual has their own final goals to which they would apply what they are learning.

Every participant of a Group cohort can thus be assigned to a different coach, with whom they can have 1-on-1 sessions in order to reinforce their learnings from the group sessions and to work towards their individual goals. Effectively, participants can have a 1:1 engagement ongoing parallelly and in addition to the Group coaching sessions.

On Simply.Coach, a Group cohort does not have Shared Goals: it has only individual goals for every participant of the cohort. These goals are visible only to the coach assigned to the particular participant.

Note on confidentiality and access to information when more than one coach is involved with a Group: Coach can only see the data related to their portion of the coaching engagement.

Need to switch cohort type from team to group or vice versa?

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