A cohort is an engagement in which multiple coachees are coached together in a group or team.

All the coaching tools that are available to you in an individual coaching engagement are available at the cohort level! The amount of work you do is the same, but you can reach many more coachees at the same time!

With Cohorts, you can:

  • Add Goals - shared team goals and individual goals;

  • Measure progress made on each goal through Check-ins;

  • Schedule Sessions - schedule once and invites are sent to all cohort members;

  • Capture private reflections in your Private Journal;

  • Create, assign & track Actions - assign an action to all coachees in the cohort or only select coachees;

  • Configure behavioral Nudges to drive awareness and support coachees in-between sessions - set up a single nudge and all cohort participants will receive personalized care they need!

  • Share Resources - a single share through the Shared Space will make the file, link, or note accessible to all cohort members;

  • Create and share Digital Tools with coachees or their stakeholders for knowledge gathering or as reflection templates.

You can even take things to the next level by giving personalized assistance to members of a cohort!

Take a video tour of how Simply.Coach enables group and team coaching:

Delve in: Create a Cohort Engagement | Get Started with Coaching your Cohort | Focus on the Individual Within a Group

Note: There are 2 types of cohorts you can create: Team Cohort & Group Cohort.

The features available to each type vary slightly. In brief:

  • In Teams, we have participants who are all aligned and headed towards a common goal or outcome, such as the completion of a particular project or assignment.

  • In Groups, we have participants who come together with a common interest but do not always have the same goal in mind. For example, a group of people may come together to be coached on effective communication, but each individual has their own final goals to which they would apply their new skills.

For more details: What is the difference between a Team & Group cohort?

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