Goal Check-ins are quick, easy and insightful ways of measuring the self-progress of your client.

There are 2 kinds of Check-ins: Progress Check-ins & Mood Check-ins.

  • Progress Check-ins: Submit answers to a single question regularly over the course of the engagement.

    Just formulate the question and set up your answer choices; then register check-ins at your preferred cadence (daily, weekly, monthly, every session).

    A graph is automatically generated (view the image below) based on the responses submitted, helping you get a clear view of their progress.

    You can add multiple progress check-in questions and metrics for each goal.

  • Mood Check-ins: Register a single word to capture how your client feels about their goal.

    They are always made in relation to particular sessions.

    They help keep track of your client's relationship with their goal during the course of the engagement.

How your engagement Dashboard will look with Check-ins:

Clients can also register check-ins themselves for their goals through their own Client Workspace.

Check-ins can also be set up for Cohort Engagements!

Here's a video tour of Goal Check-ins:

Delve in: Register Progress Check-ins | Setup a Progress Check-in Question

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Simply.Coach also provides you with a much more comprehensive feature for measuring progress: Digital Tools.

For instance, just as Check-ins help in measuring self-progress, Simply.Coach's Digital Tools can help measure progress from outside-in, by involving your client's Stakeholders.

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