We're glad you asked! You can measure their progress in many insightful ways using:

  1. Goals

  2. Digital Tools

These features give you both perspectives to your client's progress:

  1. Self-evaluation: Through goal check-ins where the client can capture their own progress directly.

  2. External Feedback: Through stakeholders' responses to digital tools for an outside-in perspective.

1. Set up a Goal and then you can measure both quantitative & qualitative progress on that growth area.

  • Measuring quantitative progress:

    Navigate to the engagement dashboard. Press update. You'll find a slider at the bottom of the page that opens - log your client's progress.

  • Register Progress Check-ins:

    Just add a Progress Check-in question for a particular goal, and set up your answer choices.

    Now click on "Checkin"

    Select your answer and press Save to register your check-in.

    You can do this at your preferred cadence (daily, weekly, monthly, every session). A graph is automatically generated (view the image above) based on the responses submitted, giving you a clear view of your client's progress.

    What's great is that you can add multiple progress check-in questions and metrics for each goal!

  • Measuring qualitative progress:

    A quick Mood Check-in on how the client feels about their goal.

    Navigate to the particular session. Click on the Goals tab in the top navigation. Click on the Checkin button for the specific goal. Select or type in a single mood word.

Take a video tour of Goal Check-ins:

2. Set up and administer a Digital Tool by setting your own survey questions and answer choices, and sending them out to your client and their stakeholders too! The responses will then be collated and presented with graphs and tables directly on Simply.Coach. This enables you to easily analyze them to build insights and reports on your client's progress. Coaches have told us this is the most effective way to demonstrate ROI!

Take a video tour of Digital Tools:


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