Take a video tour of your Digital Tools Repository:

Available for plans: Starter, Growth, Leap, Co-create, Surge

For the Co-create & Surge plans, accessible to roles: Owner, Master Coach, Coach

Digital Tools help you bring the entire life-cycle of all your coaching instruments into your Simply.Coach account. With it, you can build any custom tool, send it to your coaching clients and stakeholders directly from the platform, collect responses automatically, track and send reminders to those who have not responded, and gain insights from the responses to drive greater outcomes for your clients.

All these templates are in a single repository through which you can access, preview, modify and use them in your engagements.

Overview of your Digital Tools Repository

Navigate to your Digital Tools Repository from the main menu on the left. All your templates are here.

Below the name of each tool is their description, with instructions on when to use them, for which clients, in what situation.

You can sort your templates with the 2 buttons in the header:

  • View those that you have built yourself - click the "My Tools" button for that

  • View pre-loaded Digital Tools for your use - click the "From Simply.Coach" button.

Overview of pre-loaded templates

Let's explore the ones from Simply.Coach. You can directly use these templates in your engagements, or modify them first.

To preview a particular template and view the communication and delivery details, just click on the name of the tool.

View a particular template

On the page that opens, you'll have a preview of all the questions on the right of your screen and the description of the tool on the left.

If you're looking at a pre-loaded tool, you will notice under "ABOUT" that we have added a "Recommended Setup". These are details that we have already loaded and which we suggest you use when administering the template to a particular engagement.

Administering a template

If you like what you see, then you can immediately proceed to administer the digital tool to a particular engagement.

All you need to do is to copy it onto the engagement, make any modifications / customization, add the necessary details (such as who are the recipients and when you want it to be delivered) and launch it!

Click "Setup for Client" to begin the process. And switch over to this article to complete it: Use a Digital Tool Template for a Specific Engagement.

Want to learn more about Simply.Coach's Digital Tools?

Read: Using Digital Tools - A few examples

That's it!

If you require any assistance, do reach out to us through the messenger or send us a mail at help@simply.coach!

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