You can use Digital Tools throughout the entire coaching journey. Here are some ideas on how you can use them:

Coaching Intent Form

Help your clients to get better value out of coaching with an onboarding digital form to capture their intent. You can ask them questions about their

  • Current Reality

  • What they are looking to change

  • Why change is important to them

Intent forms are very useful when working with larger cohorts. It helps you to get a good understanding of themes and learning needs

360 Feedback

Create your own customized 360 feedback surveys. Administer to unlimited participants and manage from within Simply.Coach

Share completed feedback directly with your clients on the platform & refer to it easily during the coaching journey. Export results to MS Excel to prepare custom graphs for sharing with senior stakeholders

Individual Development Plans (IDP)

Work with your corporate clients' Learning Teams to model their version of the Individual Development Plan (IDP). Participants can complete their IDPs on the Simply.Coach platform and update progress through the coaching journey.

Self Reflections

Create and administer a self-reflection tool that is completed by participants every fortnight/ month. The following questions can be the basis of the survey

  • Good. What went well? Why?

  • Difficult. What did not go well? Why?

  • Different. What will you differently in the next cycle?

Capturing reflections over a period of time helps participants understand their own strengths and self-defeating patterns

Exercise sheets

No matter which coaching methodology you follow, exercises are a great way to get clients to dig deeper & reflect on themselves. With Digital Tools, you can create & share exercise sheets at a click, customize them for a particular client

Mid-Journey feedback forms

Simplify recurring feedback with a digitized form - the system automatically sends out the form regularly and collects feedback & feedforward. Helps the participant to get an outside-in view of progress & make necessary course corrections

In fact, you can even send out nudges to stakeholders as a reminder to provide their feedback, with the form attached to the nudge!

Completion of Engagement

Use a standard Digital Tool at the end of each engagement to capture participant learnings' from the journey. You can also capture value feedback about the performance of the Coach & what can be done better in future engagements

Impact Assessment

Measure the impact of your coaching engagement with a Digital Tool. Check-in with stakeholders sponsors to capture impact at an individual/organizational level. Helps you to demonstrate the value / ROI of coaching

Did you know that your account comes pre-loaded with a repository of digital tool templates that you can administer in your engagements?

You could also create your own Digital Tools! For help, refer to this article.

Watch this video to learn how to use digital tools:

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