Pre & Post coaching assessments, conducting check-ins, garnering insights into the client's work environment, capturing feedback & reflections, sharing exercise templates - these are essential information that provides valuable insights for both the client and the coach.

Digital Tools help you bring the entire life-cycle of all your coaching instruments into your Simply.Coach account. With it, you can build any custom tool, send it out to your coaching clients and stakeholders directly from the platform, have the responses automatically collected for you, track and send reminders to those who have not responded, and gain insights from the responses to drive greater outcomes for your clients.

Instead of using free survey tools or forms to collect information, you can leverage Simply.Coach’s digital tools instead. They are completely customizable, automated forms that automatically gather responses and share them with you.

The ability to administer multiple cycles for the same tool enables you as a coach to learn & showcase the impact/progress not only to your clients but also to their stakeholders - now you can provide real visibility into the change your coaching brings.

Here’s why you’ll love this new feature:

  1. Quickly create entirely customized forms

  2. Build a repository of all your feedback, reflections & exercise templates to make it easily reusable for all clients

  3. Add stakeholders to your clients coaching engagement and share digital tools with them (like 360-degree assessments)

  4. Have the system automatically send recurring forms as many times as you decide

  5. Gain insights about which of the recipients has responded; send out reminders to those who haven't filled out their responses yet

  6. Integrate the digital tool with nudges, so clients fill them out in a timely manner!

  7. Generate neat graphs for greater insights and crisp report-making

  8. Review, summarize & download responses in MS Excel formats

With more & more coaching sessions now being conducted online, Digital Tools are such a great way to leverage technology to level up your coaching and drive greater outcomes for your client and yourself. Get started on your digital tool repository now.

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Want a visual tour? Watch this video:

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