Get an outside-in perspective for better coaching outcomes

With Simply.Coach, you can engage your client’s stakeholders – managers, direct reports, and peers – creating a universe of support for clients and getting an outside-in perspective on progress.

With the "Stakeholders" Management & "Digital Tools" module, you can:

Run 360º feedback surveys

  • At the beginning & end of the coaching engagement directly from the platform.

  • Customize the survey as per your client's unique needs

  • Compiled feedback reports for insight into visible changes

  • Share results with your clients. No need for PDF exports and formatting. Mask stakeholders' responses with anonymity before you share them with your clients

Collect regular feedback and feedforward during the coaching journey

  • Collect regular feedback & feedforward from stakeholders' using the DIgital Tools feature. Onboard goal-specific supporters/stakeholders

  • Receive greater context of the environment in which clients are working to achieve their goals

  • Track pattern and trends across feedback cycles to help your clients unlock insights

Note: Stakeholders can be onboarded by clients directly through their Workspace.

Ready to create a 360º coaching experience with Simply.Coach? Start adding stakeholders now!

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