Available for the Co-Create & Surge plans

Accessible to users with the role: Account Owner


If you have already created an account, skip to step 2

1. Create an account with your business email

  • Visit our sign-up page to create your Simply.Coach account

  • On signing up, you will receive an email with your activation link. Please check your spam if you don't find it in your inbox

  • Once you click on the activation link, your email will be verified and your account confirmed

This user will be the admin/superuser for your account & will have the ability to add/ delete users, create engagements, make payments, etc.,

2. Update your Billing information

  • Visit the "Billing & Plan" page from the left navigation

  • Click on "Update" next to Billing Details

  • Fill in your company details and Save. Note that these details will be used when invoices are sent to you.

3. Upgrade to Business plan

  • To move to the business plan, click on the "Upgrade Now" button

Choose the best plan for your coaching needs

  1. Select "Coaching Business".

  2. Select "USD", unless you're from India.

  3. Choose to pay monthly or yearly.

  4. Click "View"

Decide on the plan

If you aren't sure which plan to choose, and you would like to talk to someone from our team, do reach out and we'll be happy to make sure you make the right decision!

Go ahead and "Select" the plan.

Now also select the number of coaching seats you are purchasing:

Note that you can always increase or reduce the number of coaching seats you need.

For now, review your plan details & proceed to payment.

You will be taken to our payment processing partner's website (Stripe) where you can securely add your credit card details and subscribe to the plan. Complete your billing details and use your credit card to make payments.

On successful payment completion, you will be redirected back to the platform. Now, you will have the ability to add/ manage users.

2. Update global settings for your Business account

  • From the top right corner of the page, access the settings page to update your account settings

  • Update your Business Name, Logo - All outbound emails (reminders, confirmations, etc., ) and Digital forms will be customized accordingly.

  • Update Time zone & Date formats - This will be reflected across the system for session dates, reminders, etc.,

Note: Guest coaches on your account will have the ability to update their timezone and date format but will not be able to change the business name or logo

Here's a video tour of how Simply.Coach can help elevate your coaching business:

That's it!

You have completed the basic setup for your business account. Now, you can proceed to adding Coaches, Program Managers & Client HR Partners

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