One of the most common requests we've had from coaches has been to help them with marketing and getting more clients!

So, in our endeavor to help coaches build a better online presence & get better at their own marketing & sales, we built Showcase. Through Showcase pages, Simply.Coach enables you to build & promote your brand and drive new client acquisition!

Further, when your clients tend to be busy business leaders and entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to go from an initial reach-out to the first session. Luckily, a great scheduling tool can make the whole process shorter. That's where Offerings on your Showcase page come in: it's where you list your services/types of sessions and have the client directly book a slot with you.

So having a Showcase page is essentially like having your very own website, complete with a free scheduling tool and plenty of session types (or meeting types) for prospective clients to book with you.

All in all, Showcase helps you:

  • Build a ready-to-promote coach profile & landing page in under 10 minutes

  • Highlight your professional background, coaching credentials & testimonials

  • Enable prospective customers to book a FREE Session to experience your coaching

  • Allow people interested in your services to get in touch with you

  • Automatically capture details of interested people and mark them as a "Prospect"

  • Enable your prospective clients to book their session in one of the free slots, which means immediate scheduling (to enable this excellent scheduling tool, integrate your calendar into Simply.Coach)

Take a video tour:

View a sample Showcase page here.

Go ahead & unlock the true potential of your coaching business:

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