Take the video tour of your client's Simply.Coach Workspace:

We have built Simply.Coach to simplify and make coaching journeys much more impactful for your client

With a Simply.Coach account, clients can:

  • Collaboratively participate in Goal Setting

  • Check-ins for every session - an indicator of their progress

  • View all committed actions & even add actions for themselves or to their coach.

  • View all sessions and their details (no access to schedule, reschedule or cancel)

  • Have a safe space to reflect and capture their thoughts in a private journal

  • Manage their stakeholders

  • Use shared space to collaboratively work with their coach, access coaching resources at a single place AND share completed exercises and assignments!

With these features, coaches can help their clients develop more accountability, make engagements more meaningful, sustain productive interaction between sessions, and generate greater focus on their coaching objective.

For clients, it means a wonderful coaching experience, improved coaching outcomes, and a longer-lasting impact!

So if you're ready to get going, learn about our single-step invite process: How to invite your client.

Note: A client account is free on all Simply.Coach plans

That's it!

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