Available for plans: Starter, Growth, Co-create

For the Co-create plan, accessible to roles: Program Manager, Master Coach, Coach

As a Coach, you provide ongoing support and champion new behaviors as you work with your clients. Nudges help you raise your client’s awareness of their desired behaviors and move them towards action. Here are a couple of examples of how nudges can be used.

Session-based Nudges

Before a session:

It would be great to have a client review their development plans and actions & prepare before the session. Setting up a nudge to send them a reminder a couple of days before the session helps them to do this. As a bonus, this nudge can also help avoid a lot of the last-minute cancellations

After a session:

Nudges can help you to remind clients to complete feedback forms after a session. While you share the form immediately after the session, you can set up a nudge to be sent a feedback form a few days after a session

Nudge an entire group:

In your group coaching engagements, you can remind the entire group to complete their feedback forms / prepare for a session. Setup a nudge for the whole cohort and Simply.Coach will send out reminders as per your settings

Learn How to configure a session-based nudge

Time-based Nudges

Daily Actions:

If your client is working to get better at "Planning & Scheduling", configure a nudge to be triggered at 0900 am on all working days. This will remind them to start their day right

Recurring Actions:

Helping the client reflect regularly builds their self-awareness on patterns and recurring themes. Setup a nudge for Friday at 0600 pm (in the client's time zone) to help them reflect on the past week

Building Awareness:

How can you build your client's working awareness of "Being Concise in Communication"? Set up a nudge to send them a reminder every working day between 09:30 am and 05:30 pm - Make the timing random so that Simply.Coach will not send the nudge at the same time every day

Reminder to update shared documents:

Sometimes clients create their own tracking documents that they share with the Coach. Create a nudge with a web link to the shared document. Configure the nudge to be sent out weekly. This will help remind the client to update their documents

Focus on a person within a group coaching engagement:

In a group coaching situation, one person might need a little extra support. Configure a nudge only for that person. In addition to the group nudge, this individual nudge will help the participant to stay in the game. Makes you more effective as a Coach as you are able to work at the group as well as individual levels.

Learn How to configure a time-based nudge.

And here's a video tour of how to use Nudges:

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